Why Join?

  • We are limiting the number of Local Influencers to around 35 per city.

    We always want to give our influencers the exposure they deserve and a spot on our home page. Being part of Hello Influencer you will have first access to the small businesses that inquire about Influencer Advertising.

    Example city : HelloLouisville.com

  • Local Engagement

    Being placed on one of our "Hello" city websites will allow you to engage with people in your city. You will gain followers twice as fast because people will relate to you even more.

  • Increase Followers

    We will Increased exposure at no cost by permanently placing you on your city's home page. i.e. HelloDenver.com You will have a profile page that leads directly to all your Social Media Profiles

  • Content Teasers

    You will have your own Blog account on our website. You will be able to create small content teasers that will link back to your own Social Media Pages. Your Profile page on our website will serve as an online bookmark for all your Social Media accounts. Example city : HelloLouisville.com

  • Paid Traffic from Google

    We will purchase traffic from Microsoft Ads and Google Ads and send to the individual cities. Further increasing your exposure.

  • The money

    We will be forming relationships with local small businesses and Influencer Marketing Platforms to bring in advertising dollars for local influencers. As a part of our group you will get the first shot at Colab opportunities.

  • 2,000 websites

    Having a "Hello" website for the top 2,000 cities in the world allows us to target at the local level or specific group of cities.

  • Micro Influencers

    We focus on Micro Influencers because studies show they have some of the highest engagement rates across all online advertising.

  • Local

    Very few Influencer companies are targeting Local. "Local" mutiplies the already high engagement rate of influencers. We are here to grow Influencer's Followers thru local connections with their fans.

Current Influencer Topics

Beauty, Fashion, Gaming Entertainment, Health/Fitness, Luxury, Real Estate, Sports, Travel, Food, Inspiration, Music, Photography, Parenting, Pets/Animals, Lifestyle, Motivational Speaker. Do not see your topic on the list? Contact us.